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All you need to know about service cheques in Wallonia

What is a service cheque?

The service cheque system allows individuals to benefit completely legally from the services of a household helper.

Cost and benefits

  • The maximum number of service cheques you can buy in one year is 500 (1000 per family).
  • A service cheque costs € 9 per hour.
  • You are entitled to a tax deduction of €0.90 on the total sum of your service cheques. So in the end, a service cheque costs just € 8,10* (€ 9 – € 0.90).

* Pricing and tax simulation given for information only, without obligation on the part of Daoust Titres-Services. Information and complete legislation?

How much time per day?

Each service must last at least three hours.

Your household helper’s salary?

At Daoust Service Cheques, the household help signs a real employment contract with all the statutory benefits (pension, paid holidays, insurance against sickness and accidents at work, holiday pay, unemployment insurance, etc.).

Order your service cheques via Sodexo

You must register with the company Sodexo to be able to use the service cheque system. This registration is free and will enable you to buy your service cheques.

After registration, you will receive confirmation and your access codes to Sodexo’s secure site. Keep your codes carefully as you will need them to order your service cheques. Your registration and your user number are used to personalize your service cheques but also in order to send you your tax certificate.

The minimum order is for 10 service cheques but you can of course order 12, 23 or 37, etc. Follow the insctructions on www.wallonie-titres-services.be.

Your booklet of service cheques will be delivered by post or added to your electronic portfolio within 10 days of receiving payment.

Use electronic service cheques: it’s easy and environmentally friendly!

  • No more paperwork or cheque handling
  • No more risk of loss
  • Simple et automatic
  • You receive them quickly (the day after receiving your payment)
  • You have access to the service history of your household helper
  • Less risk of waste: the oldest service cheques are used first!

How does it work?

Your consultant encodes the data concerning the services provided by your household helper on a secure extranet that you then only have to confirm.

For easy management of your service cheques, 2 possibilities:

  • via your personal secure spacewww.wallonie-titres-services.be
  • via a free mobile application that allows you to manage your service cheques from your smartphone or tablet: Titres-Services by Sodexo. Thanks to this application, you can check your balance, validate your services, manage your portfolio, etc. Practical, isn’t it?

How to switch to electronic service cheques? It’s very simple!

  1. Notify your JobCenter Daoust
  2. Go to your secure space
  3. Click on “Contact details” and “Change data”
  4. Change the support method by clicking on “electronic”, and validate.

Do you use paper service cheques?

For each hour of work done, you complete a service cheque legibly, in black or dark blue ink, and sign it. You also specify the effective date of the service and the type of activity performed (check box).
Please note: if you choose the paper cheque, you are responsible for its delivery. You must therefore ensure that it is given to the JobCenter Daoust managing your file in the week of the service provided by your housekeeper.

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Agrements service cheques in Wallonia : W40063

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