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Welcome to the large Daoust family!

A proven method of selection

Welcome to the large Daoust family!



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Need long-term employees?

Daoust Selection takes care of your permanent recruitments from A to Z via a proven selection method and a thorough testing of each candidate. Our services are aimed at both private and public companies, regardless of their status and size.

We always meet you to understand your business, your operation and your needs. That’s why you will find a personalised welcome and HR solutions tailored to your needs.

An approach that begins with the candidate

We make every effort to find qualified and motivated staff. Our approach is based first of all on the candidates. We analyse with them their expectations, strengths, skills and experiences. We only offer them jobs that match their profile and for which they show interest. For you, it’s an extra guarantee to find the candidate you need.

No win? No fee!

  • Our philosophy: no results = no invoiceWe cover all recruitment costs. We only charge our services once the candidate’s commitment is effective.
  • In addition, you are not bound by any exclusivity commitment.

Selection method

  • Step 1: Pre-screening of candidates during a telephone interview.
  • Step 2: Face-to-face interview
  • Step 3: Testing: behaviour at work, language skills and knowledge.
  • Step 4: Checking references.
  • Step 5: Delivery of an interview report for each candidate.
  • To finish: Choose from the people most suited to your search.

Are you looking for the one-in-a-million employee? 
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