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Your rights as a student

Under what conditions can you work as a student?

  • Be at least 16 years old (or 15 if you have at least completed your first 2 years of secondary school).
  • Be a student on a regular basis and have a student job on an incidental basis. More specifically, you must:
    • pursue a full -time educational course (secondary, artistic or technical education, higher or university studies, central jury).
    • pursue a work-linked training course (CEFA, apprenticeship (EFP, IFAPME)) on condition that:
      • that you do not work as a student when you have to follow your theoretical training or when you have to be at your place of professional practice training.
      • that you are not working as a student with the employer where you are completing your professional practice training .
      • that you do not receive unemployment benefit or integration allowance.
    • pursue part-time education as long as you are a minor and work only during school holidays.

You cannot work under a student contract if

  • You have been working for the same employer for more than 12 months without interruption.
  • You are doing an unpaid internship as part of your programme of study.
  • You are enrolled in an evening school or you follow a reduced timetable.
  • You stop studying during the school year.

How long can you work under a student status?

  • To benefit from the reduced social security contributions (2.71% instead of 13.07%), you can work a maximum of 475 hours over the entire calendar year. Hours worked in excess of 475 hours will be subject to ordinary contributions and withholding tax.
  • To keep the family allowances, you can work a maximum of 240 hours per quarter unless you work during the 3rd quarter (July, August, September) during which you keep your family allowances without limit of working hours (except during the last summer holidays of your studies).

Do you have to pay taxes?

  • If you do not exceed 475 hours of work per calendar year under the student contract, no withholding tax will be deducted from your gross salary.
  • You will only pay taxes if your income exceeds the gross amount of €12,657.14* (income 2019).
  • You will remain dependent on your parents if you fulfil 3 obligations :
    • You must be part of their household.
    • You must not receive remuneration that is a professional expense for your parents (for example, working for your parents’ company).
    • You do not earn more than the following net resources (2019 income):
      • € 3.330, if your parents are jointly taxed.
      • € 4.810, if you are dependent on a single person.
      • € 6.110, if you are dependent on a single person and are considered disabled for tax purposes.

* Estimate, provided that the income is only paid for salaried work and that the professional expenses are flat-rate.

Did you finish your studies in June or July?

You keep the financial benefits of student status until September included.

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