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Daoust Outplacement: Instructions for use

  • In the two months following your dismissal, make an application for outplacement to your employer if they did not offer it to you on their own initiative. An employer is obliged to provide outplacement support to the workers who meet certain conditions. But it is more and more common for the employer to offer it to all of their dismissed workers.
  • Your employer sends you the outplacement offer.
  • To accept the offer, return the signed confirmation letter to your former employer within one month, by registered mail.
  • Your Daoust Outplacement consultant will contact you to schedule the start of outplacement.
  • An outplacement program consists of three modules of 20 hours each, spread over a total period of 1 year maximum. The sessions are collective or individual. The mode of your guidance and support can be collective (in group), individual or mixed (combination of collective and individual sessions).
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