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Are you a job seeker or worker?

Our team of experienced job coaches offers you an à la carte accompaniment, in individual and/or collective sessionsOur objectives: to help you define a precise and realistic career plan and get you back to work!

Daoust Jobcoaching offers a wide range of support for job search or reorientation that goes from professional assessment to writing a CV and covering letter, targeting employers, preparing for psycho-technical tests and job interviews, etc.

Jobcoaching Partnerships

Daoust Jobcoaching launched, in partnership with the regional employment agencies, various coaching projects for job seekers. These projects aim to stimulate job search and career guidance. Thanks to the work of the regional employment agencies, most of this guidance and support is free.


Do you wish to develop your skills within your company?
Daoust Career Management offers you a range of personalized various and varied training solutions (catering, sales attitude, service cheques, etc.) depending on your needs.

Daoust Career Management training is aimed at training all workers (permanent staff, temporary workers, students, future employees, etc.) in a client company.

All training by Daoust Career Management is unique as it is adapted to your company’s specific culture and the objectives you wish to attain. This training is based on your know-how and your social skills.

Non-exhaustive survey of subjects that may be dealt with during training:

  • Personnel development: time management, leadership, stress management, etc.
  • Communication: managing complaints, listening attentively, non-verbal communication, etc.
  • Human resources: personnel management, team building, performance interview, etc.
  • Sales: sale of luxury articles, being and thinking “client oriented”
  • Project management: implementation, financial management, etc.

Are you interested in Daoust Career Management training? Discuss it with your employer and Welcome to the Family!

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