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Everything you need to know about service cheques

What is a service cheque?

  • A service cheque is a cheque purchased by a private person.
  • This cheque enables the user to pay for one hour of home work.
  • Each hour commenced will entitle you to one service cheque.

What is Sodexo’s role?

In order to use the service cheque system, the clients must register with Sodexo, which manages this service nationally. This registration is free.

It is via Sodexo that users can buy their service cheques.

Working with “electronic service cheques”

If the individual uses electronic service cheques, he will validate your services by phone or Internet.

How to declare your services via electronic service cheques?

At the end of your service, you encode the details thereof :

  • By phone:
  1. If you live in Flanders or Brussels, call the free number 0800/355.30 or 02/547.54.97 (local rate). If you live in Wallonia, call 0800/351.80
  2. You dial the access number and the PIN code that you received from Daoust and record the details of your services (hours and type of service provided)
  3. At the end of the recording, you hear the summary of what you have entered. You must then confirm or cancel the service.
  4. The date of service is automatically saved.
  5. Once you have confirmed the services, Daoust receives information about them.
  • Either via the free Smartphone application “Job Tracker”

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