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Your contract and your rights About service cheques


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Looking for a stable job that is completely legal?

Daoust Service Cheques provides 3,500 household helpers to 25,000 customers every day. You too can join the big Daoust Service Cheques family!

Why work for Daoust Service Cheques?

With Daoust, you work close to home, with flexible working hours and completely legally. Our specialist service voucher consultants offer you a professional and friendly service.

At Daoust Service Vouchers, you sign a real employment contract with all the legal benefits.

  • The salary is above the minimum legal rate.
  • You receive many benefits* such as meal vouchers, end-of-year bonus and travel expenses.
  • You are entitled to paid leave*.
  • In the event of illness, you are entitled to a guaranteed salary*
  • Insurance covers you for all work accidents.
  • The periods worked are taken into account in calculating your pension.*

In principle, anyone can work for Daoust Service Cheques. You don’t have to be registered as a jobseeker or be receiving unemployment benefit. Workers receiving unemployment benefit, an integration allowance or social assistance and who have a service cheque employment contract may also retain some of their benefits subject to certain conditions.

*Contact your nearest Daoust JobCenter to find out more.

What are service cheques?

The service cheque system allows individuals to benefit entirely legally from the services of a household helper.

A service cheque is a cheque purchased by an individual to pay for an hour of work performed in their home by a worker. Customers buy their service cheques through the company Sodexo (and not through Daoust).

What if a customer asks you to perform a prohibited task or you have a doubt? Contact your Daoust JobCenter!

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Looking for a stable job at Daoust Service cheques? Simply give us your contact details and we’ll be in touch!

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