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Do you want to work for a dynamic and innovative Human Resources company? Don’t wait any longer. We are constantly looking for motivated candidates who are determined to find a solid solution for every situation. Apply today to join the extended Daoust family!

Why Daoust?

A Belgian and family company

Founded in 1954 by Albert Daoust, Daoust is the most experienced Belgian Human Resources company. After managing the company for more than 30 years, Jean-Claude Daoust passed on the management of the company to his son Giles in early 2015. Vision for the future, values and continuity are the watchwords of this successful transmission, which is built around the “We Love Solutions” and “Welcome to the Family” plans.

Strong values

Our slogans “Welcome to the Family” and “We love solutions” are communicated every day! If you aspire to work in a friendly, family environment that pushes its employees to develop, thrive and explore their “entrepreneurial” side, you’re at the right address! If for you, there are no problems but only flexible, innovative and pragmatic solutions, then Daoust is the employer for you! We recruit our employees based on these values and throughout their career at Daoust, we ensure that these valuesare embodied on a daily basis.

Growth and quality

For several years, the company has enjoyed double-digit annual growth and a series of awards that reflect its entrepreneurial spirit: voted “Company of the Year” in 2016 in the competition organized by EY in partnership with L’Echo newspaper, named “Best Career Transition Company” at the HR Excellence Awards in 2017, and a “Young Top Manager Award” for CEO Giles Daoust at the Entrepreneur Awards in 2018. Every day, the company builds on its position as an essential employment partner in Belgium.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

In our ever-changing world, we mustn’t miss the opportunity to innovate and that’s what Daoust does every day! We have developed different tools: Daoust Matchbox, our national database and matching software; Daoust Connect, a scalable client extranet; WikiD, our internal knowledge base, etc. This spirit of permanent innovation is one of the key elements of the growth of Daoust, which has doubled in size over the last 5 years.

Our staff events

At Daoust, we place a lot of importance on teamwork in a friendly and family spirit that also extends to our internal events: our annual Kick Off that looks back on the past year and the new challenges ahead; our Family Day where the staff come with their family for a day of relaxation; our daoust@themovies events; the D-Night, our hugely popular celebration of the staff; Saint Nicholas Day, for the great pleasure of the children of the Daoust employees, etc.

A competitive salary and package

Our salary package is complete and includes many fringe benefits: meal vouchers, hospital and group insurance (no personal contribution), reimbursement of transport costs, employer-specific costs… And a quarterly tax-efficient bonus system! In the spirit of “Welcome to the Family”, this quarterly bonus rewards team efforts rather than individual efforts. Our HR department, attentive to new trends in the labour market, is continually working to improve this package in order to better meet the expectations of employees, particularly in terms of mobility, well-being at work, etc.

Daoust University

Developing our talents is a priority! Our training department “Daoust University” follows you throughout your career. Our consultants benefit from theoretical training (internal tools, social legislation, selection technique, etc.) alternating with agency practice. Our managers are accompanied in their operational and people management tasks. We also measure the effectiveness of our training both with the trained employee and the manager in the interest of continuous improvement, etc.

What jobs do we have?

Here is an overview of profiles we are looking for regularly:

Office Manager

You are responsible for the operational and commercial aspects of your Jobcenter. You are an inspiring manager and coach: you stimulate your employees to look for the best solutions for your customers. You are attentive to the respect of the legislation and quality standards.

Temporary work Consultant

As a “Talent Matcher”, you strive to find the temporary workers that best meet the expectations of your customers. Your commercial flair allows you to create a real partnership with your clients. You are oriented solutions and also make sure that the basic administrative rules are respected.

Sales Consultant

Commercial flair is part of your DNA. You maintain existing business relationships and proactively develop the client portfolio of your Jobcenter. You make the connection between your clients and your fellow temporary work consultants. You continue to recruit candidates.

Recruitment and selection consultant

You are passionate about recruitment and selection. You enjoy making quality selections and appreciate in-depth interviews with your candidates. Finding the one-in-a-million employee via job boards and social media stimulates you!

Service voucher consultant

You select the housekeepers you will put at work for your client users. Juggling with schedules and replacements comes easily to you. You constantly listen to feedback and comments from your clients. You also like the administrative side of the position: validation of hours, social documents, employment contracts, etc.

Expert profiles for head office

Payroll Officer, corporate lawyer in company law, Training Officer, etc.

IT personnel

Helpdesk Agent, Application Owner

Welcome to Daoust, Welcome to the Family!

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