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Our history

In 2019 Daoust turns 65! From 1954 to today… it’s a great story of a company’s growth and values.


Creation by Albert Daoust of Daoust Interim (Office, Industry, Hospitality, Retail, Events, etc.).


Albert Daoust is one of the founding members of UPEDI, the Professional Union of Temporary Work Companies… today called FEDERGON.


Jean-Claude Daoust joins the Company.


Jean-Claude Daoust takes over the management of the Company.


The mouse becomes Daoust’s new mascot. Created by Belgian cartoonist Mario Ramos, the Daoust mouse symbolises the agility of the small family business against large international groups (themselves represented by a large clumsy cat).


Daoust obtains the ISO 9001 Certification, rewarding the quality of its services, and Daoust passes the milestone of € 10 million in turnover.


Creation of the Daoust Selection department (Selection & Recruitment)

Appearance of the slogan “We Love Solutions”. “We Love Solutions” symbolises the customer focus of the company: flexibility, quality, innovation. It’s not “We Like”, it’s “We Love”!


Creation of Daoust Outplacement (guidance and support for the redundant workers).


Launch of the department Daoust Service Cheques (provision of home help).


Daoust passes the milestone of € 50 million in turnover.

Launch of the company’s jobcoaching department to support job seekers in their search or professional reorientation.


Daoust founded the social temp agency Exaris Interim, in partnership with Actiris and Febecoop .

Creation of Daoust Job Academy (coaching & training) today Daoust Career Management.


Creation of Daoust Public Sector (all of Daoust’s expertise serving the public sector)

Daoust launches the One Job Show, the first humorous show aimed at job seekers.


Giles Daoust joins the Company.


Finalist of the “Company of the Year” contest organised by Ernst & Young in collaboration with Echo and BNP Paribas Fortis.

Creation of the CSR department (Corporate Social Responsibility).


Daoust passes the milestone of € 100 million in turnover.

“Welcome to the Family” becomes Daoust’s second slogan and symbolises the human warmth that the Daoust family wishes to infuse into its company: conviviality, concern for social values, diversity, ecology, etc


Giles Daoust takes over the management of the Company.

Creation of Daoust University (internal training centre).

Creation of Daoust Matchbox (internal matching tool).

Daoust passes the milestone of € 150 million in turnover.


Daoust is elected Company of the Year 2016! Winning this competition, organised by E&Y (Ernst & Young) and L’Echo newspaper, represents the most prestigious distinction for a Belgian company.

Opening of 7 JobCenters in one year, for the first time since the creation of the Company.

Creation of Daoust Connect, an extranet provided to clients.


The Career Management department receives the prestigious title of “Best Career Transition Company” in the “HR Excellence Awards”, recognising Belgian HR companies that stand out in terms of innovation, achievements and added value to their clients.

Daoust opens 9 JobCenters in one year, a record!


Daoust exceeds € 200 million in turnover.

Daoust becomes the main sponsorof the Smurf Experience and launches a Smurfumphant campaign!  

Giles Daoust is elected Young Top Manager” at the “Entrepreneur Awards” competition organised by Top Management

Daoust opens 10 JobCenters in one year

Daoust passes the 50 job centres’ mark


Daoust turns 65!

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