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Corporate Social Responsibility

Daoust is a family-sized company. We attach paramount importance to social values through our ethical commitment to all employment participants.

Our priority areas

Our CSR department is an important spokesperson for our values. Our commitment is built around the following areas: managing the diversity and ecology aspects and the support and coaching projects for job seekers in partnership with the public and non-commercial sector. This proactive strategy has led our company towards stable and sustainable growth of its activities.

Diversity at Daoust

Our Daoust Diversity charter embodies our concern for diversity in recruitment and employment. Our entire workforce integrates diversity into their daily work. Daoust selects candidates in a non-discriminatory manner, based exclusively on their skills.

  • Daoust is concerned with a healthy and proactive management of diversity in the recruitment, employment and monitoring of all its stakeholders: customers, internal employees, workers (temporary workers and housekeepers), and all successful candidates in Interim, Titres-Services, Selection and supported in Outplacement and Jobcoaching.
  • The company strives to respect the principles of neutrality and non-discrimination in all its forms and this, in relation to criteria such as sex, age, origin, skin colour, sexual orientation, disability and religious or philosophical conviction.
  • Daoust is convinced that every person should have the same opportunities in the job market when looking for a job and throughout their career, regardless of their origin, characteristics or particularities.
  • All our employees are committed to complying with our Diversity Charter and have been trained to select the best candidates based solely on the skills required for the job.
  • We also ask our customer users to respect these valuesin their contacts with our employees and temporary workers.
  • Our quality guarantees: We obtained the label for diversity from the Flemish Region (2008), as well as the label for the diversity of the Brussels Region (2013-2018).

Daoust Green

For many years, Daoust has cared about the environment.

In 2012, Daoust launched its Daoust Green plan as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy!

This plan enabled us to obtain, in June 2015, the Ecodynamic Enterprise label (2 stars) for our head office. Valid for three years, this label is official recognition in the Brussels-Capital Region for companies setting up internal environmental management.

Our “Green” performances in a few figures

  • Mobility: 16% reduction in CO²/km emissions for our fleet of Daoust cars.
  • Electrical performance of the labelled building: 2 times lower than the average of buildings of the same category.
  • Heating consumption: 3.5 times less than the average ratio found in the Brussels Region for the same type of office.

Our other concrete actions

  • The creation of our paperless JobCenters in Brussels, using up to 90% less paper!
  • Our e-tools, including Daoust Connect, to reduce the paper exchange with our customers.
  • We favour the green aspect in all our administrative purchases: printing papers, post-its, recycled pads, etc.
  • Recycling our computer parts that are entitled to a second life instead of being thrown away!
  • Daoust strongly encourages its Titres-Services customers to use electronic vouchers!

Supporting job seekers

In partnership with the public and non-profit sectors, we regularly develop support and coaching projects for job seekers.

  • Exaris: social temp company founded by Daoust in partnership with Actiris and Febecoop.
  • Daoust Jobcoaching: In partnership with Actiris, Forem and VDAB, Daoust has launched various coaching projects for job seekers. These projects aim to stimulate job search and career guidance. Thanks to the work of the regional employment agencies, most of this guidance and support is free.
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