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About Daoust

A Belgian family-business with strong values

Daoust is a 3rd-generation Belgian Human Resources company, passed down from father to son since 1954. Founded by Albert Daoust, it has been headed by Jean-Claude Daoust for more than 30 years and was entrusted to Giles Daoust in 2015. Values, vision and continuity characterise this successful transfer that is structured around the ideas of “Welcome to the Family” and “We Love Solutions”!

Welcome to the Family!

“We work as a team with a smile, respecting human, society, environmental and diversity values.”

We have a strong culture of family business and entrepreneurship, and rely on the development of our employees. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department is an important spokesperson for our values, with actions such as our Daoust Diversity charter, our Daoust Green environmental plan, Exaris our temporary employment social agency, our show for youth employment One Job Show, and numerous partnerships with employment actors such as Actiris, Forem and VDAB.

We Love Solutions!

“Daoust offers qualitative, flexible and innovative HR solutions to its customers and workers.”

Flexibility and customer orientation are the key words of our commercial policy. Our “Quality Ecosystem” is made up of the Daoust University internal training department and the Daoust Quality department, which are the dynamic actors of Daoust quality, certified ISO 9001, VCU/ LSI and FSE. Daoust also pays special attention to preventive measures in safety and hygiene.

Daoust, an essential employment partner

Over the years, Daoust has become an essential partner of the job market, and is active in the 3 regions and in the 3 languages of the country. We accompany workers at all stages of their professional life, and companies at all stages of their development. We are active in the main areas of HR: temporary work, selection, outplacement & career management, public sector and service-voucher checks. Thanks to its vitality and diversification, Daoust has been experiencing double-digit growth for several years, doubling its size in five years. With a turnover of € 10m in 1997, Daoust passed the € 100m mark in 2012, € 150m in 2015, € 205m in 2017 and € 230m in 2018.

Innovation, a priority!

Since its creation, Daoust has systematically been a pioneer in its various business lines. In recent years, in order to best serve our customers and our candidates, we have seen many innovations: the first Paperless JobCenter, the Daoust Matchbox matching software, the WikiD internal knowledge database, the evolving Daoust Connect client extranet.

At Daoust, we place a special emphasis on technological innovation, which gives us a reason to look forward to the future!

Some Daoust awards

We recently had the honour of winning some prestigious awards:

  • In 2018, Giles Daoust (CEO) was elected Top Young Manager in The Entrepreneur Awards, rewarding his innovative contribution to Belgian entrepreneurship in all areas impacting his company.
  • In 2017, our Career Management department stood out in terms of innovation, achievements and adding value to its customers and was named Best Career Transition Company 2017 at the HR Excellence Awards.
  • In 2016, Daoust was voted “Entrepreneur of the Year/Entreprise de l’Année®” representing the most important distinction for a Belgian company.

Daoust is proud of the work done by all its teams without whom none of this would be possible! Discover all the awards received by Daoust!

Daoust in figures

€ 250 MILLION (REVENUE 2019)

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